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PhoneRescue 3.2.0 20/10/16 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
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Turn back the clock and restore your phone for free

Softonic Editorial Team

Articles PhoneRescue
  • Extends iCloud's backup functionality
  • Easy to use
  • Recovers many different file types
  • Requires iCloud for most features

PhoneRescue - Your iPhone iPad Data Recovery Solution

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Mistaken deletion of your photos, text messages, contacts or other vital info on your iPhone could be a disaster in your life. That’s why we introduced PhoneRescue, with the promise to get all your lost-but-valued media or text data back in your hands. Apart from supporting 3-way recovery (from device, iTunes backups, and iCloud) to ensure the maximum recovery rate, PhoneRescue can recover data directly back into iPhone for instant use. -Recovers data & files directly back to iPhone for instant use, or to computer for future use. -Focuses on analyzing and recovering the most important 25 types of iOS content. -Pinpoints your lost contents in the first moment and conjure them back in an eye-blink. -Retrieves your valued information via 3 safe and reliable ways: from device, iTunes backup, and iCloud. -Extracts your needed information from iTunes backup – even it has been encrypted. -Offers options of file types that you intend to scan and recover, making the process more accurate and faster. -Fixes any iOS error within a single click to revive your broken iPhone.

"Text messages are inaccurate, and recovery is expensive."

It was okay. I got the note I was looking for and was able to take a picture of it, but I couldn't recover it to my phone seeing as that would cost at least $50.... Also, I viewed all my texts just because I was curious, and for whatever reason like 99% of my deleted text messages were under the name "Marley" no matter who they were actually to/from... I do have a contact named Marley, who I think I texted like... once..... in the 8 years I have had this number... So that's definitely whack and needs worked on. Also it had a current text which was just a text from Boost Mobile thanking me for paying my bill.. that text showed up under the name "Mike (last name)" which is a contact in my phone also, but obviously these texts were from Boost and not him...

  • fast
  • easy
  • innacurate
  • costly

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24 Feb 2016

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